Thursday, February 14, 2013

Unusual Postcard of Huntington (IN) Public Library

This postcard of the Carnegie Library building in Huntington, Indiana caught my attention for obvious reasons. I haven't seen a postcard of a library bordered by two unusual looking men before. The Huntington City-Township Public Library is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year so its a nice opportunity to feature its Carnegie building. The Huntington library no longer occupies the Carnegie building which was funded by a $25,000 grant in 1901. The website for the library has some historical photographs of the building. There were more public libraries funded with Carnegie grants  in Indiana than any other state. I surmise that the two gentlemen featured on the postcard are Amish since northern Indiana is Amish country.

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Peggy Sullivan said...

Fun piece! Actually, the library appears to be in the gentlemen's mid-sections -- perhaps near their hearts as well as their bellies! At least, they are standing toe to toe, but, behind their eyeglasses, it looks to me as though all four of their eyes are closed. Perhaps too much reading -- or too many late trustees' meetings. (I do think they are trustees, but could be wrong.)