Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Duluth Carnegie Revisited

 One of my most viewed blog posts ever was one that I wrote about the Duluth (MN) Carnegie Library building being up for sale. Earlier this month I had the chance to visit Duluth and made a point of checking out the Carnegie Library building. It is evidently no longer for sale, but space in the building is available for lease as well as parking spots in their lot. Unfortunately, my visit was on the weekend and the building wasn't open. There is a website for the building, and more information is available by contacting the owners at info@CarnegieBuilding.com . Incidentally, if you haven't visited Duluth I highly recommend that you do so if you have the opportunity. It is located on beautiful Lake Superior and they have developed their harbor area with lots of motels, restaurants, shops, and a boardwalk.