Friday, April 26, 2013

Two NY Public Library Postcards

The Central Library of the New York Public Library (NYPL) on 5th Ave. appears on many postcards as I have written in a previous blog post. I recently acquired two postcards depicting interior views of the library. They were of particular interest to me because they both show people using the library, a postcard subject of special appeal. The address sides of the postcards also contain interesting information, another postcard aspect of special appeal. The first postcard shows the adult circulation room of the Central Library. It was mailed to the Circulation Dept. of the Kansas City (MO) Public Library (KCPL) by "three travelers" who were probably staff members of the KCPL. Perhaps they were visiting other libraries or were attending a library meeting. The postcard was at one time in the Art File of the Reference Dept. of the KCPL. The second postcard shows the famous main reading room of the NYPL's Central Library. The postcard was mailed to Hiawatha, KS and the message reads: "This is some library and reading room. Thought you might want one to add to your collection." Perhaps the recipient was a collector of library postcards, like me.

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