Monday, April 22, 2013

Library History Philatelic Exhibit 2013

Each year since 2003 I have participated in the competitive exhibiting component of several national level stamp shows. All of my philatelic exhibits are related to the history of libraries in the United States. The content of the exhibits varies from year to year. In 2012 I had a very successful exhibit titled "America's Public Libraries and Their Forerunners 1731-1956". This year I significantly revised that exhibit and it is now titled "Libraries in 19th Century America". The new exhibit includes only 19th century material and includes artifacts for all types of libraries, not just public libraries and their predecessors. The first showing of the revised exhibit took place at the stamp show in Plymouth, MI (just west of Detroit) this past weekend. I was pleased to receive a gold medal for the exhibit and a special creativity award. I will also be showing the exhibit at stamp shows in Denver, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee this year. For a summary of the evolution of this exhibit, click HERE. For information on some of my other library history related philatelic exhibits, click HERE.

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