Thursday, November 17, 2011

LHBB Milestones

Today is the third anniversary of the Library History Buff Blog. This is also my 400th post to the blog. I'm pleased with the modest success of the blog. Although my statistical software doesn't measure all of the activity on the blog, it does show that there were at least 27,000 unique visits to the blog in the last 12 months and 40,000 page loads. The blog post to the site that received the most page loads ever was the "Best Library Cover Story Ever" post on April 4, 2011. That post featured the cover shown above which made its way from Spain to the Los Angeles Public Library with only a picture as an address. I'm grateful for the 128 individuals who have signed up as "followers" of my site. I'm also grateful to American Libraries Direct which periodically links to some of my blog posts. Thanks to the members of the Library History Round Table of ALA who put up with my reminders of recent posts to the blog. Finally, thanks to the other bloggers and webmasters who link to the Library History Buff Blog. Now on to year four and more posts.


Trishia said...

Larry, I just found your blog while searching for info on how libraries were run at the turn of the century. I'm a collector/seller of French postcards and I just recently came across French cards for "libraries" featuring subscription services. I didn't understand what this was all about and ...voila! I'm here:) So here's a question for you: in a novel set at the turn of the century in France, would it accurate to have a character receive an "overdue" notice on a library book? Merci beaucoup!

Larry T. Nix said...

It would definitely be accurate. Any library that loaned books would have had to have a system for reminding users of overdue materials and the consequences of late return. The format of the notice would vary depending on the library.
Glad you found the Library History Buff Blog. Larry

Tara said...

Happy anniversary! I love that your most viewed post was about mail delivery.