Thursday, March 24, 2011

NYPL Branch Librarians

I was recently contacted by Bob Sink about his new blog "NYPL Librarians". As stated in the blog's banner: "This blog focuses on my research on the branch librarians of the New York Public Library during the first 50 years of the Circulation Department, 1901-1950. I am particularly interested in who became a Branch Librarian, how they achieved and then lost autonomy within the institution, their publishing history, and other aspects of their lives." I'm pleased to find out about Bob's blog for a number of reasons. It is nice to see another blog focusing on library history. There should be more. It is also gratifying to see the unearthing of information about ordinary librarians who made a significant contribution to the quality library service but who are not famous. One of my first jobs after library school was serving as a branch librarian, and I know how important their role is in a public library system. In collecting postal librariana I often come across the names of library workers doing their day to day library tasks, and I feel a connection to them even though I know little about them.  Today, Bob published a post on his blog about Marion Pastene Watson who was born on this date 122 years ago, and who served as Branch Librarian of the Tompkins Square Branch of NYPL. It just so happens that I have a number of postal items in my collection that relate to Watson and the Tompkins Square Branch. Two of those are shown above. Thanks Bob for starting your new blog, and for enlightening us on a special group of library professionals.  

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