Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Innerpeffray Library, Scotland

The Innerpeffray Library in Crieff, Perthshire Scotland is Scotland's first free public lending library.  It describes itself as "A literary jewel set deep in the magnificent Strathearn countryside".  The library was founded in 1690 by David Drummond. The building which it occupies was completed in 1762.  The Borrower's Register for the library goes back to 1747, making it one of the earliest in Europe.  A brief history of the library is located on its website. The library doesn't lend books any longer but it is open to the public and visitors are encouraged to look through its collection. The library has published its first book, a historical portrait of the library titled The First Light by George Chamier . The book was published in a limited edition of only 500 numbered copies as a way to raise funds for the library.  It is a "hot letter press" book that is hand finished and leather bound and priced at 150 pounds. For information about purchasing the book contact Robert Wallace .

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Hi! I came across your blog while doing research for my March-Madness-style librarian tournament: . Maybe you would be interested. You clearly know way more about this stuff than I do, so if you'd care to comment with more information on any of the librarians featured, I would appreciate that!