Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Books by Mail in Maine 1929

This brochure was distributed by the Maine State Library in Augusta, Maine about 1929.  It  provides information about the services of the Maine State Library including how the library's collection of 200,000 volumes can be obtained through the mail.  It states that, “A new postal law enables us to send books at greatly reduced cost and when they are returned to us they will come back for a like amount if you will place the following in the upper left corner of the package: CONTENTS: Books mailed under Sec. 444 ½ P.L. & R."  It also indicates that the library's collection "enables us to answer practically any question of importance and to lend books on nearly every subject."  The current mission of the state library indicates that it "facilitates access to and delivery of library services and collection resources for the State of Maine". Not too different than in 1929. Previous posts on books by mail can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Christine H. said...

Wonderful graphics on that piece. I assume Maine still does the books by mail for those who request it?

Peggy said...

The Maine State Library continues to administer the books by Mail Program.
Information on the current Program can be found at