Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Going Postal With The British

At the request of Renae Satterly, the Editor of the Library & Information History Group Newsletter, I agreed to do write a brief article about libraries and postage stamps for the Summer issue of the newsletter which has just been published. The Library & Information History Group (LIHG) is a special group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals [CILIP] of the United Kingdom. CILIP is more or less the equivalent of the American Library Association and LIHG is the British counterpart to ALA's Library History Round Table (LHRT). Along with the article I developed a supplementary web page on my Library History Buff website which is located HERE. Both the article and the web page provide an introduction to bibliophilately and postal librariana and my interest in this philatelic specialty. Also in conjunction with the LIHG article I developed a web page related to the library postage stamps of the British Isles which I mentioned in a previous post. George Eberhart gave me another opportunity to promote libraries on postage stamps in his recently published The Librarian's Book of Lists which includes my top 10 libraries on postage stamp.

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Susie Dunn said...

I like the stamp shown! I enjoy this column a lot.