Friday, June 25, 2010

Dollars & Sense for South Carolina Public Libraries

Paul Nelson passed along the good news that the South Carolina State Legislature overrode a veto by Governor Sanford of almost $5 million in state aid for public libraries by a vote of 110 to 5. Paul, an outstanding library legislative advocate, points out that this is an example of what Patricia Cavill refers to as "building a common agenda". One of my most treasured mementos is a needlepoint created by Catherine Lewis, a fellow South Carolina public library director, acknowledging my role in two other examples of "building a common agenda" in South Carolina in the late 1970s. Catherine gave it to me when I left South Carolina for Wisconsin in 1980. "Dollars & Sense" was the title of the state aid campaign which I participated in during the earlier period. Act 564 was an act mandating public library funding by counties. APLA is the Association of Public Library Administrators. Fond memories.

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