Monday, January 11, 2010

Carnegie Libraries on Postage Stamps

I've been a bibliophilatelist, collector of postage stamps featuring libraries and librarians, since 1995. During that period I have only been able to identify five postage stamps issued by a government postal authority that feature libraries which received grants from Andrew Carnegie. These are featured on a page on my Library History Buff website. I have previously contacted the United States Postal Service in regard to issuing postage stamps commemorating America's Carnegie libraries and/or public libraries in general. Although the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee has a policy which precludes honoring individual public libraries, I feel that it is entirely appropriate to honor America's Carnegie libraries and/or public libraries collectively. There are several commercial companies that are now able to create valid customized postage stamps featuring images of libraries. This would be a good route for communities to commemorate their own Carnegie library building during the 175th anniversary year of Carnegie's birth. The postage stamp above features the Victoria Public Library in Victoria, British Columbia which was built in 1904. Canada commemorated the library on a postage stamp issued on February 29, 1996. To see United States postage stamps that have a library connection click HERE.

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