Thursday, October 1, 2009

Archives and Stamp Collecting

October is American Archives Month and National Stamp Collecting Month. One of the areas of postal librariana that I have been collecting for a number of years is archives and archivists on postage stamps. Hans Krol, a fellow collector, has assisted me in developing a list of these stamps. I also collect postage stamps that depict libraries and librarians. There is a much more extensive list of these stamps that I hope to eventually place on the Library History Buff website. Hans is a major contributor to this list also. I would like to see more archives, archivists, libraries, and librarians depicted on postage stamps. I am particularly frustrated that although some individuals with a library connection have been depicted on United States stamps that no person has been depicted on a stamp because of their role as a librarian. As we go through October, I plan to highlight more examples of postal librariana as a way of celebrating two great enterprises - archives and stamp collecting.

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