Saturday, January 11, 2014

Multiview Postcards With Libraries

Ft. Wayne, IN. Public Library
is right center.
A multiview postcard is a postcard with a collage of more than one photograph or illustration. These postcards often illustrate multiple views of buildings in a community, on an academic campus, or in other entities such as a military base. I'm, of course, interested in multiview postcards that include an image of a library among the views. That libraries are included in these multiview postcards is an indication of their significance to the community or campus. Multiview postcards represent a small percentage of all postcards, probably less than two percent. In the universe of library postcards, multiview postcards represent a similar small percentage. In my collection of more than twothousand library postcards, I only have a couple of dozen multiview postcards. I've included some of my favorites in this post. To see more click HERE.

Buck Memorial Library (upper left) Bucksport, ME.

Cornell University Library (lower left), Ithaca, NY

Camp Lee, VA during WWI. ALA Library in Center

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