Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Library Book Boxes

My library book box
Milwaukee Public Library book boxes

Book boxes in Sweden's library museum 

Hans Krol with book boxes in library museum in Amsterdam
 I try to say no when someone offers or lets me know about a large library artifact in order to keep my basement from  becoming a library museum.  A colleague caught me in a weak moment, however, when he alerted me to a wood library book box that was being offered on Craigslist.  He even offered to pick up the book box, which was located in Sheboygan County, WI, some distance from my home.  The large wooden box is not impressive in the least, but it is a connection to the real library world of the past.  In all probability the book box was used to transport one of Wisconsin's many traveling libraries.  Sturdy boxes such as this one have been used by libraries worldwide in the past to transport books.  Some examples are shown above.

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