Monday, May 5, 2014

Colorado Library to Library Postcard

As I have noted in other posts I collect envelopes and other postal items that have been sent to or from a library. I especially like finding items that have been sent from one library to another. The postcard above fits into that category and it has the added distinction of being a picture postcard depicting a library. The postcard is part of the Phoebe Hayes library postcard collection that I wrote about in the previous post. In the message on the postcard the Documents Librarian at the Charles Leaming Tutt Library of Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO is letting the Documents Processing Librarian at the Denver Public Library know that she has mailed some documents requested from an exchange list and that the postage to be reimbursed will be 31 cents. The postcard was mailed on March 31, 1967. The Tutt Library is depicted on the front of the postcard. Although, government issued pre-paid postal cards are often used to conduct library business, it is rare to see this occur on a picture postcard.

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