Monday, May 13, 2013

ALA WWI Poster on a Postcard

Enlarged detail from postcard
One of the most impressive World War I posters is one that promotes the American Library Association's participation in the United War Work Campaign which took place the week of November 11, 1918. The poster was designed by the prominent illustrator John E. Sheridan. I'm fortunate to own one of the posters which is shown below. Recently I came across a Real Photo Postcard (shown above) which included one of the posters being used for what it was intended - helping to raise money for books for soldiers and sailors. The postcard appears to show some kind of rally or parade. The most prominent aspect of the postcard is the depiction of of a man in uniform on a donkey. I surmise that it was intended to ridicule German soldiers. There are a number of young boys around the man on the donkey who appear to be amused. Even though the United War Work Campaign opened on the same date of the Allied victory it was still a huge success. The goal was to raise a total of $170 million and it raised $35 million more than that. ALA received $3.8 million as its share.

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