Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Women on Library Postcards

Library, Washington Normal School, Ellensburg, WA
Library, Baptist Missionary Training School, Chicago
Guthrie (OK) Carnegie Library
I've put together a group of library postcards from my collection that include women. The first card shows the interior of the library at Washington Normal School in Ellensburg, WA. It was mailed in 1916. The second card shows the interior of the Harris Library of the Baptist Missionary Training School in Chicago. It was mailed in 1909. The third card features the "GUTHRIE BELLES" of Guthrie, OK along with the Carnegie Library. It was mailed in 1910 and is a Tuck's Postcard. Not surprisingly, Tuck's published postcards depicting pretty belles from towns and cities across the country, and they were all "most fair". The final postcard (to the left) depicts women as viewed by much of society in 1906 when the postcard was copyrighted. Check out the woman in Vol. 1. One of my most popular previous posts showed women on postcards for ALA's Library War Service. I also have a previous post that includes a postcard of women library workers at the Aurora (IL) Public Library and another post that includes a postcard showing women using the Milwaukee State Normal School Library.

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