Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UC Berkeley Library Celebration

The Doe Library of the University of California Berkeley Library is celebrating its centennial with a variety of activities tomorrow (March 21). I thought I would pay tribute to this event by featuring a couple of vintage envelopes from my postal librariana collection.  When the first envelope above was mailed by the Berkeley Library on October 9, 1888, the library had been in operation for 19 years. It's initial collection consisted of 1,036 books which were donated by the College of California. The envelope is addressed to C. R. (Charles Russell) Orcutt, a famous California horticulturist. The second envelope above was mailed by the Bancroft Library on October 29, 1891. The Bancroft Library was the personal library of Hubert Howe Bancroft which focused on the history of California and the West. The Bancroft Library which included 60,000 bound volumes and 10,000 manuscript items became part of the UC Berkeley Library in 1905. There is a nice chronology of the UC Berkeley Library's history on its website. Happy birthday Doe Library!

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