Thursday, February 2, 2012

Panizzi to the Mayor of Boston, 1858

Antonio or Anthony Panizzi (1797-1879) had a long career at the Library of the British Museum (now the British Library) starting in 1831 and ending with his holding the post of Principal Librarian (1856-1866). I recently acquired a stampless folded letter from Panizzi to the Mayor of the City of Boston dated February 25, 1858. In the letter Panizzi thanks the Mayor and the Boston City Council on behalf of the Trustees of the British Museum for the gift of the book Memorial of the Inauguration of the Statue of Franklin (City Council of Boston, 1857). This letter goes nicely with another letter in my collection which was sent to Panizzi in 1848 by Edward Everett, the President of Harvard University. I have written a previous post about that letter.

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