Monday, January 3, 2011

Library Cover Stories

"Cover" is a philatelic term for an envelope, postal card, or similar postal artifact that has been sent through the mail (or is intended to be sent through the mail).  Philatelist often say every cover has a story.  I collect covers related to libraries, and I have found that these covers  often have interesting stories that relate both to library history and postal history.  On the home page of the Library History Buff website I included a library cover story for each month during the four year period 2007-2010 for a total of 48 library cover stories. I have archived the cover stories and links to all of the library cover stories are below.  When  I created the Library History Buff blog in 2008 I began putting these stories on the blog also. I have realized that the blog is a more appropriate venue for these stories so I have decided to eliminate this feature on the Library History Buff website.  My first library cover story in January 2007 was about the first day cover for the 1982 "America's Libraries" stamp in combination with the 1982 Library of Congress stamp.  It was signed by Betty Stone, ALA President, and Daniel Boorstin, Librarian of Congress. Library covers and library stamps are both included in category which I call "postal librariana".

Library Cover Stories 2007
Library Cover Stories 2008
Library Cover Stories 2009
Library Cover Stories 2010

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