Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bookplates for Libraries

Although I specialize in the collection of postal librariana, my overall collection of librariana includes a wide variety of items. One of those items is library bookplates. I don't specifically seek out library bookplates but I have a nice collection which I have acquired through chance and the generosity of other collectors. I have made several posts to this blog related to bookplates which can be found by searching the blog under, what else, "bookplates". I recently acquired a book entitled Bookplates for Libraries by Edward Hampton Shickell (Roger Beacham Publisher, 1968). This book contains an introduction by William R. Holman and is not about the collecting of library bookplates but about the design of bookplates by and for school, public, and academic libraries. The book contains a large number of examples of well designed bookplates, and the book itself is an excellent example of good book design. I have written a previous post about William R. Holman who publishes under the Roger Beacham imprint. It is a real treat to have this book in my collection with its connection to Bill.

I would be remiss in writing about bookplates and not mentioning the excellent blog Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie published by Lewis Jaffe.

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