Sunday, May 23, 2010

Manchester's Historic Public Library Building

I find postcards depicting the interiors of libraries particularly appealing, especially when library users are shown. This postcard shows the interior of the Carpenter Memorial Library in Manchester, New Hampshire. It is unusual to see this many library users depicted on a postcard. The building still serves as the Main Library of the Manchester City Library. The building was dedicated as the Elenora Blood Carpenter Building in 1914 in memory of the wife of Frank Pierce Carpenter who funded its construction. A nice history of the library is located HERE. The history's location on the library's web site meets my "two click" criteria for online library histories. After reaching the library's web page, one click on "About" or "About Our Library" and one more click on "Library History". Every library should have a short history of the library on its web site.

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Lichen Rancourt said...

It’s a beautiful building. We are very proud of it. The room you show in the foreground is now our computer/Information/reading room. Always busy!

Lichen Rancourt
Manchester City Library Information & Technology