Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Orphans' Nine Commandments

I have just completed reading The Orphans' Nine Commandments by William Roger Holman and I highly recommend this memoir of a retired librarian's formative years. I became aware of Bill Holman and his memoir from Chuck Whiting's excellent blog Bibliophemera. I won't attempt to improve on Whiting's review of the book which ends with the following statement: "The reward in the reading is the triumph of the spirit with threads of hope for love and understanding woven into an achievement of family and success, against overwhelming adversity in the formative years." Whiting has several recent posts about Holman but his introduction to Holman came in a blog post about the Austin Book, Paper & Postcard Show which sounds like its something I would love to attend. Holman after "overwhelming adversity in the formative years" went on to become a public library administrator (Galveston, San Antonio, San Francisco) and completed his library career in 1993 at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas. Holman and his wife Barbara are now publishers under the imprint Roger Beacham, Publisher.

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