Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carnegie Library Bed & Breakfasts

Update: The Old Library Inn in Sterling closed its doors as a bed and breakfast in December, 2009. It is being sold as a private residence.
Library buildings built with funds from Andrew Carnegie which are no longer in use as libraries have been converted to a variety of purposes. Two of these buildings have a new life as a bed and breakfast. One of these is located in Sterling, Colorado and the other is in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. On trips this summer I have had the opportunity to stop by and see these two former Carnegie libraries. I have included pictures of the Old Library Inn in Sterling above. Note that in addition to serving as a bed and breakfast, the building also houses a counseling service. Pictures of the Library Hall Bed and Breakfast in Ladysmith, WI are located here. There is also a Carnegie library building in Olean, NY that is used as a restaurant in conjunction with a bed and breakfast

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What an awesome idea!

Here is a link to our old "Carnegie Hall" in the library in Sandusky, Ohio: