Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Woman's Building Library of 1893 Exposition

The Library Cover Story on the Library History Buff website for July features a postal card showing the Woman's Building of the the World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. The Woman's Building included a library which housed 7,000 literary works by women from around the world. A list of the books included in the library is located here. The exposition attracted over twenty-seven million visitors. The Winter issue of Libraries & Culture for 2006 contained six essays related the Woman's Building Library. This special issue was edited by Sarah Wadsworth . The Fair Women by Jeanne Madeline Weimann (Academy Chicago, 1981) provides an extensive overview of the story of Woman's Building. Also at the exposition was a library exhibit developed by the American Library Association. The ALA exhibit was in the Government Building of the exposition. The Chicago History Journal blog contains a post on the Library. The Official Souvenir Postal Card at the top of this entry is on the back of the Grant postal card issue of 1891. These souvenir cards were predecessors of picture postcards. The postal card was mailed to Hamburg Germany in July 1893. The one cent stamp of the Columbian Exposition issue of 1893 has been added to makeup the international postal card rate.

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