Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ernest Morgan and the Bookplate Collectors Club

Although I collect a variety of librariana, my major focus is on postal librariana. The envelope/cover shown above is a nice item because it combines an interest in postal librariana with an interest in library bookplates. The envelope is addressed to Ernest Morgan, Secretary of the Bookplate Collectors' Club at the Antioch College Library in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It was mailed from Sao Paulo, Brazil on January 13, 1944 and was censored in both Brazil and the United States. Ernest Morgan, as a student at Antioch College, was co-founder of the Antioch Bookplate Company, later the Antioch Company. Ernest Morgan was the son of Arthur Ernest Morgan who served as President of Antioch College from 1920 to 1936 and was the first Chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority. It is unclear what the connection was between Morgan and the Antioch College Library in 1944. Sadly, hard times has forced the closing of the college, but the library is hanging on.

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