Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Place Called Library

There is a community in Pennsylvania that is named "Library". Library, Pennsylvania is an unincorporated community in South Park Township in Alleghenny County. It was named in honor of the first library established in the area by John Moore in 1833. The name "Library" was a marked improvement over its previous name of "Loafer's Hollow". The community of Library is now served by the South Park Town Library. A Post Office was established in Library in 1842. Postmarks on mail that has been mailed from or cancelled in the Library Post Office make nice additions to a collection of postal librariana. It is another case where library history and postal history come together. The January 21, 1931 air mail, special delivery cover above has been signed by Library postmaster S. L. Boyer. More Library, Pennsylvania covers can be found on the Library History Buff website here.

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