Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Six Years of Blogging

Today is the sixth anniversary of the Library History Buff Blog. This post is number 653. In the six years, the blog has received 351,000 page views. The blog has 278 regular followers. All of this is, of course, very modest in the overall blogging world, but it is impressive in the library history blogging world which is extremely limited. The mission/purpose/reason for the blog was given in the first blog post on Nov. 19, 2008:

This blog is a companion to my static website The Library History Buff. It has a similar mission - to promote the appreciation, enjoyment, and preservation of our library heritage. The blog format, however, lends itself better to personal commentary and offers the possibility of interactive communication with others with a similar interest in library history. I often post to the listserv of the Library History Round Table of the American Library Association but the audience for that listserv is restricted to members of LHRT. Another downside to posting to the LHRT listserv is that all members of the listserv are involuntarily subjected to my posts, something I occasionally feel guilty about. It puzzles and saddens me that so few in the library community seem to appreciate or even to be aware of the legacy of those who preceded them in the enterprise of managing and facilitating access to library and information services. This blog is my small attempt to increase the appreciation and awareness of our library heritage.


A said...

Congrats on your Bloggiversary! I find this site smart, beautiful, and making me long for the time was libraries were about educating one's self as opposed to just entertaining.

Oleg K. said...

I for one am glad you post about the blog on the listserv. It reminds me to check-in and, more often than not, learn something. Thank you!