Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Best Library History Websites and Blogs

It's a real treat for me when a new library history blog or website comes online or when I discover one for the first time. I previously compiled a list of the best library history websites and blogs. Here are three more great ones that I have found to add to that list:

Bernadette Lear has a special interest in Pennsylvania library history so her blog is appropriately named In Search of Pennsylvania Library History. Bernadette is Chair of the Library History Round Table of the American Library Association and a rising star among library historians. I'm especially impressed with Bernadette's commitment to reach beyond the community of library history scholars to share America's library heritage. Although focused on Pennsylvania her well written and researched posts are of interest to anyone who is a fan of library history.

Orty Ortwein finds bookmobiles fascinating and his blog Bookmobiles: A History certainly reflects that. As a fellow fan of bookmobiles, their romance, and history I'm delighted to discover Orty's blog.

The website for the online History of Libraries course at the University of Indiana/Purdue University at Indianapolis (UIPUI) School of Library and Information Science taught by Annette Lamb is an extensive library history resource and well worth multiple visits. Also of note is Lamb's website for her online course The Book: 1450 to the Present.

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