Thursday, June 28, 2012

500 Blog Posts and Counting

Wayne Wiegand's Library Trading Card
 This post marks the 500th post for the Library History Buff Blog which started on November 17, 2008. Google Blogger maintains statistics on the use of its blogs. According to those statistics, there have been 162,720 page views of LHBB posts since it began.

Most viewed of the 500 blog posts according to Blogger (from high to low):

Best Library Cover Story Ever

Wayne Wiegand's Library Trading Card

Happy 140th Birthday LC Copyright

The Library History Buff's Top 10 Library History Websites

Otis Hall Robinson (1835-1912), Rochester University Librarian

ALA WWI Bookmark

Book Retrieval Systems

First Catalog Cards

Celebrating Library History in 2011

Ronald Reagan and the Dixon Public Library

Note: the one thing that all of these blog posts have in common is that they were featured in American Libraries Direct. Thanks George.

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