Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Blogs That I Follow

I'm disappointed that there are not more people blogging about library history, but I'm encouraged that this is beginning to change slowly. Recently I became aware of a new blog on Canadian Bookplates that includes library history in its purview. I've previously mentioned Little Known Black Librarian Facts and NYPL Librarians which both started this year and are doing quite well. I also just became aware of Ethlene Whitmire's blog about her research on Regina Andrews: Harlem Renaissance Librarian. Lorne Bruce's Libraries Today Blog about Canadian library history has been in place for a while. Lorne also has a wiki on Canadian Library History. There are a number of blogs that are not directly tied to library history but often deal with related topics. One of the most interesting is Chuck Whiting's Bibliophemera, a blog about ephemera related to books, their owners, sellers, publishers, printers, binders, etc..  Benjamin L. Clark's blog Exile Bibliophile is also a good one. Lew Jaffe's Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie is one of my favorites. Most of these blogs have links to an even wider range of blogs related to the world of bibliophiles and book ephemera. I recently added the Google "My Blog List" gadget to this blog which links to the latest post of some of the blogs I follow. Why not check them out.

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I can't offer you a blog, but I can offer a Facebook group, for the 167 historic libraries of the British National Trust: