Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Library History Buff Website 5 Years Old

It almost escaped me that this month marks the fifth anniversary of "The Library History Buff" website. The "Library History Buff Blog" was created as a companion to the website. The LHB website which I started in March 2005 evolved from a free website offered by my Internet provider which I began in October of 2002. That site was simply called "Librariana". On the homepage of the LHB website I define a "library history buff" as an individual with a passion for library history and its artifacts who might also be described as a "library history nut". Although I am flattered when someone refers to me as a library historian, I am not in the same league with the library history scholars who do such a fantastic job of reliably documenting library history. I previously posted a tribute to those individuals on the LHB Blog. The LHB website like the LHB Blog has as a purpose "Promoting the appreciation, enjoyment, and preservation of library history". The site is divided into three broad categories. The "Library History" category includes pages with information about library history, the "Librariana" category includes pages with information about the collecting of library memorabilia and artifacts, and the "Postal Librariana" category includes pages with information about the collecting of postal artifacts related to libraries. Although its not exactly a high traffic site, if you search Google for "library history" it comes up as the number one site.


Chuck Whiting said...

Congratulations on five years! Looking forward to the next five!

SuzyQ said...

Congratulations. I discovered your site/blog a few months ago and really enjoy the posts you present.