Thursday, December 4, 2008

Library History and Google Books

It is pretty common knowledge that Google is involved in a cooperative venture with some of the major libraries in this country and the world to digitize a significant portion of their collections. The result is Google Books and I have been pleasantly surprised to find that this tool provides a treasure trove of information of interest to the library history buff or the library history scholar. While there are some definite limitations to locating and retrieving specific publications, it remains a highly useful tool. I have retrieved over a hundred library history publications and placed them in the My Library feature of Google Books under the designation Books in Library History Buff's library. You will find many full text library history classics and some of the earliest issues of library periodicals at this location. I have tagged/labled most of the publications and these tags are located on the left side of the page.

A great feature of Google Books is the interface with World Cat which enables you to locate the closest physical copy of a publication. This is especially helpful if the full text of the publication is not provided.

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